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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> local crooks are getting more clever and more dangerous. this time stealing a garage door clicker from a car in the middle of the night to try to get inside the home. good evening, everyone. glad you are with us tonight. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. all of this -- all of this while the family left on inside. >> it happened near vegas drive and rainbow. >> that's our top story. kelsey thomas is live with a warning from the family for everybody out there. kelsey? >> reporter: well, reed, you would never leave your your car, a remote for your garage. you can get in the home in a matter of seconds. the two roommates are giving us a play by play of what exactly happened to them. >> they came up here and we believe they pushed this window down. they reached right inside and the garage door clicker was right by the gear shift. >> reporter: it took only a few
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doug's garage door clicker stashed in his car. >> then they came over and they were crawling underneath the garage door. >> they were able to do it without anyone hearing it. >> reporter: rainbow and vegas drive on a thursday. doug's family is sleeping inside. >> complete violation of our privacy, our -- you know, puts my family at risk and risk. i'm glad it didn't go further than it did. >> luckily the door to get inhis house was but the thieves must have been thirsty. >> all they took was beer and alcohol. >> reporter: seconds later they head to the driveway. they had their eyes on the broken down volkswagen. >> they found the key file for the vw. opened that up. popped the hood. put a battery in it. >> they were ready to take the care. if it would have started, they would have taken it. >> reporter: the criminals' quick moves didn't pay off.
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the neighborhood. he has a message for the crooks. >> don't come back. i mean, you know, you got away with it the first time. there won't be a next. lesson learned. >> reporter: okay. how can you protect yourself? of course, never leave your car unlocked. don't leave the garage door opener in plain sight for crooks to see. you are basically inviting them into your house. reporting live near vegas drive and rainbow, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> all right. mind. thank you. metro is hoping a new substation will mean shorter response times and a drop in time. the new area command is what they call police stations here in town. it's near sahara and durango. it's staffed by 101 officers who will patrol a new designated area for metro. news 3's sergio avila is there live. this area is smaller than what most local substations cover.
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square miles. let's have george push into the map. this shows you the boundary. the northern powndy is charleston. on the east it's i-15. down south, it's flamingo on the west red rock canyon. that includes chinatown, parts of summerlin as well as the lakes and four different hotels. and sheriff joe lombardi hopes the extra manpower will be noticed immediately. it was a ribbon-cutting of a different kind. [ cheers ] >> reporter: sheriff joe lombardi putting a piece of police tape as they opened a new substation called the spring valley area command. this was covered by two much larger substations. >> it created officers' safety issues, customer service issues and timeliness. >> reporter: a check of our archives showed several serious crimes in the area within the last year. in chinatown last october, an officer-involved shooting left a woman dead after she opened fire on officers.
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a man was stabbed to death by a group of attackers. in june, a tattoo shop was riddled with bullets near rancho and charleston. this weekend -- >> i know there's been robberies in our neighborhood. i just don't know if there have been any recent. >> reporter: a woman and her family were burglarized. >> they took a coffeemaker here and they took my big mac computer. >> reporter: she says those material things are replaceable. but as we reported mother's ashes. for this family, the crime is almost unbearable. >> it's too much to take. please just -- please just give it back. >> reporter: officers from the new substation are investigating the crime. sheriff lombardo said this will help make an impact on crime across the valley. >> it's nowhere near as troublesome and hectic as it was at the beginning of the year and we're doing a lot better job of
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>> reporter: and this building behind me, sheriff joe lombardi said it was staffed because of extra hiring as well as an uptick in the community. reporting live sergio avila, news 3. read, back to you. >> thank you. a jury is done deliberating for the day in the case involved in the teen allegedly killed for his ipad. today during closing arguments, there was this. >> oh, my >> yeah. okay. [ inaudible ] >> wow. the defendant, michael solid, was reacting to prosecutors and had to be briefly restrained by court officers. a woman in the courtroom was escorted out. the defense rested after calling two witnesses. he's charged with trying to rob and then run over 15-year-old
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a second suspect already pleaded guilty. a 62-year-old man is under arrest accused of killing a man and burying the body in his yard. the nova -- the mojave county sheriff's office said richard polaski admitting to calling a man in 2015. a body was found during a search of the home. he told the place earlier this year. in kingman, a man shot and killed a woman with a shot paula phillips was sitting in her car on the side of the road when the officers said she pointed a a gun at the officer and the officer responded by shooting. the wife of former governor and senator richard bryan has died. >> bonnie bryan passed away earlier today following a long battle with leukemia. we've just learned of her passing within the past hour or so. this is video that we've
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bonnie a splendid example of a first lady and a superb role model for so many young people. she was 77 years old. well, he says he feels just fine. that's the prognosis from cresent hardy who is suffered a minor heart attack. he was back on the campaign trail today and talking to our jeff gillan. >> good evening. hardy is locked in a tough fight for the re-election. his message today was full steam ahead. a lot of today off. not cresent hardy. today, he got the endorsement of the u.s. chamber. >> i think for us, it was a no-brainer. >> yesterday, he got a stent put in his heart, two of them. how do you feel? >> great. i feel better than i have felt in some time. >> his adventure began over the weekend. >> sunday evening got a little anxiety in the left shoulder. >> he suffered two episodes. that's when his wife of 34 years took him to the hospital. >> i was really worried.
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didn't find anything. the hospital in st. george did. a collapsed artery. >> i don't know if you would call it a heart attack. i guess it was an hawk. no muscular degeneration. >> the news brought the battle for the district to a brief halt. his opponent tweeted last night, glad to here that he will make a strong recovery. hardy said no doctor's things that you are -- that are hard to do. >> dr. david obert does not know hard but he knows hearts and says full recovery is possible. >> they can go on and live a full life. >> hardy's 59. he was supposed to have a colonoscopy on monday. >> i was taking the cleanser.
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caused it. who knows? >> the good news, he's okay. >> i'm glad we caught it. >> he said doctors told him he could put the colonoscopy off for a year. this is his first time. back to you. he said he's the 13th duke of manchester. but that 13th duke of manchester is sitting in a las vegas jail. >> coming up, what police say he did tot you will hear from him from behind bars. also ahead -- why safety experts in las vegas think stickers on sidewalks will help save lives. get ready for an uptick in humidity. it's the moisture from mexico taking aim at southern nevada and a chance for showers and temperatures this labor day weekend you will adore. and late word tonight that singer chris brown is subject to
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that's coming up in our second
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to henderson, where connor fields got a nod from the mayor of henderson. he also got the key to the city. connor fields, such a humble guy. he learned that from his family, great mom and dad. d hand and accepted the key to the city. offered some humble weirds. he was the first gold medalist in history. all right. now let's get to the duke or is he? 53 years old. he claims to be british royalty, locked up in the clark county jail tonight.
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and false report charges. the man who calls himself the duke of manchester had nothing to say in court but did agree to a jailhouse interview afterwards. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live with that and we're all wondering, what did he have to say? >> reporter: jim, alexander montagu-manchester says this is all aing about misunderstanding. he said he did not burglarize a home. he tells us he did not make a false report. detention center. >> my name is alexander montagu-manchester. >> reporter: in a jailhouse interview, 53-year-old alexander montagu-manchester goes over his noble nail. in british circles, he's known as the 13th duke of manchester. this morning he found himself in front of a judge for accusations of a burglary of a las vegas home in july.
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false police report. officers say he claimed his wife stabbed him with a knife. he says he's being extorted by family members. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: if convicted on the burglary charges,er faces up to 14 years in prison. >> i've been accused of things i didn't do and being a bigamist. >> he's here with no bail. he will appear in court in late september. his doctors attorney says he will accept a plea deal. reed? >> thank you. sentencing for three teens and a fourth defendant involved in a home invasion and sexual assault has been delayed. one of the victims in the case was sexually assaulted four times and had a knife held to her threat. another victim was held at
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diamond and el capitan way. that house ras ransacked. the hearing was pushed back due to scheduling issues with another judge. the men will be back in court in late october. for all of us earth-bound mortals, catching the northern lights is such a rare thick. you have to be right there at the right time. but the people at the international space station have it. >> kevin janison? >> multiple sunrises and sunsets. they get a chance to see this thick. this is over quebec. but now with our days getting longer, we'll see this over the north country over the several months. here was the view. we had a clouds forming offer the spring mountains to the west.
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most of which will dissipate when the sun goes down. the clouds thicker over zion and i believe we'll see more clouds and thunderstorms to the east over the next 48 hours. lamb and vegas valley, 106. 8% relative humidity. down in anthem, they are at 99 and 13% and one more stop takes us to alton torrey pines, 103 and 9%. got some desert dry out there and double digits around the edges. including 98s in southern the valley, these neighborhoods maxed out at 108 today. 104 in the lakes. mountain is at 73. pahrump still at 100. but death valley in the 100 and teens where they've been for the last several hours. the lake maxed out at 105. mccarran, 106. half a dozen degrees above normal. this will go down as another above-normal august day. factor that in with june and
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the hottest summer ever since records have been kept. tomorrow we'll add with a start in the 80s. we're thinking about 105 for the high. a little breeze in the afternoon. a couple of gusts to 20 miles an hour. there goes gaston away from the u.s. this tropical depression moving away from north carolina. but this one will probably turn into a tropical storm and bang into northwestern that's in the atlantic. in the pacific we have madeline. it will sideswipe the big island. lester looks like it will go past the islands but this will be very stormy for hawaiian islands. the midwest has had its ventures with some strong thunderstorms. check out this video. this is absolutely incredible. this is a microburst in columbus, ohio and downtown
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thing form. you can see the generic rain coming out of the clouds. here's this huge pool of water right there. it looks white. boom. that splashed off two-thirds of an inch of rain in about ten minutes. wow. caused not anything manger because they are -- major because they are used to it. also kicks up gusty winds and a rainbow on the left side. near that with our dry air but the pattern is changing. this system is coming in from the west. it will pull up some of this moisture from the south. get ready for an uptick in humidity tomorrow. maybe a mountain thundershower tomorrow and a slight chance here on thursday. mountain is going down in the 50s. indian springs, 73 tonight. boulder city, tomorrow 102. laughlin, 109. pahrump, 103. death valley, 118.
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clear sky tonight. we'll see clouds clicking to -- clinging to the mountains. 1 so 5 the high. don't think we'll see anything in the valley but on thursday, it's possible a couple of those mountain thunderstorms could linger in, especially around the edges. just 20% chance at this point. we dry out friday and beginning labor day weekend and potentially lasting all week, re highs. as soon as we end august which is considered june, july, august. we'll cool down, have below normal temperatures. restore order, make it absolutely pleasurable for you to go outside. >> right on schedule. >> the way it should be. >> there will be a lot of size. a news photographer's job is to report the news. >> but sometimes they have no choice but to get involved. tonight, one is being called a hero for going way above and beyond.
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while crossing the street in las vegas. ahead, what's putting put on some valley sidewalks to remind pedestrians about the dangers of
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welcome back. los angeles police spent hours searching the hole of entertainer chris brown today. an hour ago, we've been told the singer has been arrested.
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today. we're working to put together all of the facts that are just coming into the newsroom on this. we'll bring that to you a little bit later in this newscast. right now, i want to tell you, the 63-year-old woman we talked about last night found unconscious at lake mead, turns out she died of a heart condition. that's according to the coroner. she said being submerged in the water contributed to bonnie wong's save the lives of pedestrians on our streets. >> today, large decals are being placed near ten bus stops along eastern heavy. the message, jaywalking is as dangerous as stepping off a 10-foot building or straight into shark-infested waters. 34 people have died this year crossing the street in clark county. safety advocates say state-wide deaths up are 50%. >> this is the location where, it's a long way to the coroner.
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to make the walk to the corner. >> the city of las vegas is working on engineers ideas for a safer drive including flashing lights at key crosswalks and dedicated bus turnouts on eastern. a new fire is burning in parched southern california. >> this one called the bogart fire, now raging in the hills and forcing evacuations. look at that. how many acres it's burned so far. and we'll bring you all of the new developments on the arrest of singer chris brown
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this is the story that just dominated headlines earlier in the day. l.a.p.d. surrounded and spent hours searching the home of chris brown today. we welcome you back. you know, just about an hour argue -- and hour ago, police announced the singer was arrested. >> it started with an assault at his hole. let's get right to marie mortera. >> let's talk about what's happening right now. up at l.a.p.d. headquarters under arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. here's video that came just into the newsroom of him being escorted by police. you see him in the police vehicle being brought down the freeway. the case began after 3:00 this merning when a woman called and said he was threatening her with a gun.


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